4 acje = 1 Wizja

4 generations = 1 vision

Stanislaw Sikon

In 1899, on the Carpathian rift in Poland a future activist came to the world; he stood in defense of simple people, farmers and highlanders.

Autobiography: Ciernista Droga (in Polish)

Documentary: Kraty Ziemi (in Polish)

Ciernista Droga blue cover front.png

Teresa Rataj-Sikon

In 1939, in the center of Poland a future teacher and social activist was born, with the goal of integrating children and youngsters with disabilities in the social environment.

Publications: various (in Polish)

Documentary: Dac Szanse (in Polish)



Roza Sikon

In 1963 in west Poland she saw for the first time the daylight, a researcher of healing methods and of intercultural projects implementation.

Novel: A Stream of Life

Documentary: FragiLife - the Real story
Full Documetary https://youtu.be/WIVFIjWm94Y


Cindy Gorski

1991 in Tornto, Canada, a brave living being came to the earth, not only for her life and development, but also as an example for others.

Autobiography: My Soul Never Gives up

Documentary: FragiLife - the Real story

Visit also: www.cindygo.com